Beats EP On Ear Headphone

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The Beats EP On-Ear Headphones by Beats By Dr. Dre are wired on-ear headphones designed to deliver a precise and tuned sound, preserving the clarity and depth of whatever you're listening to—with some degree of noise isolation to boot. They feature a durable yet sleek construction, reinforced with stainless steel to promote a longer life, and boast vertical sliders so that you may make adjustments to better suit your particular cranium. Their cable features a microphone and RemoteTalk control, allowing you to answer/end phone calls, control the playback and volume of your audio, and engage in conversations with Siri, if ever you choose to do so. 

Wired Headphones with 3.5mm Cable 

Tuned Sound for Clarity & Depth 

Noise Isolation 

Reinforced Stainless Steel Construction 

Adjustable Vertical Sliders 

Inline Remote & Mic 

RemoteTalk for Calls, Volume & Siri 

Fine-tuned acoustics for clarity and depth 

Durable, lightweight design reinforced with stainless steel 

Adjustable vertical sliders for a personalized fit 

Take calls and control music on your iOS devices with RemoteTalk cable 

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